Sunday's 5k is postponed!

Due to the inclement weather, the race is postponed. Join us on October 20th for the new day!

Together, Our Voices Are Strong

When you give to Child Guidance Resource Centers, it is an investment in crucial mental and behavioral health services for children and families. Your contribution has an immediate impact but will also have a ripple effect for future generations. Your support helps over 9600 children and families in the greater Philadelphia area, every year, who face significant challenges that deeply affect their daily lives.

Your generous gifts to Child Guidance open the door to comprehensive and empowering mental health care for thousands more children and families. Together, we can use our voices to shatter the stigma of mental illness and provide families in the Philadelphia region with desperately needed access to high-quality mental health care.

By donating, you are bringing hope, help and healing to over 9,600 children and families!

Your generous gift makes an instant impact on the lives of thousands of children. Because of you, children will grow up confident and strong and have the courage and resilience ot live successful, fulfilling lives. Your are healing trauma, soothing anxiety, championing grit, lifting depression. On behalf of all the child your help, thank you!