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Multi-Systemic Therapy Information

Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST) is an evidence based intervention created for adolescents aged 12-17 years who struggle with chronic, delinquent behavior and/or severe emotional issues. This 3-5 month program supportively and proactively addresses troublesome behaviors and helps your child and family move in a positive direction. MST is evidence-based with over 20 years of research proving its effectiveness - this means it works, and we have data to prove it. MST focuses on the caregiver as the center for change. By empowering the caregiver, building natural supports, and setting expectations, you can shift the family system and lead the entire family to positive growth and change.

How does MST work?

Your MST therapist provides a complete functional assessment of your child in his/her family, school and community settings. We seek to understand the fit between your child’s struggles and the factors that contribute to them. Then, we focus on helping parents or caregivers build supportive networks and learn how to address the needs of your child and effectively change their behavior. Often, MST is not the first interaction families have with the behavioral health system, but it often is the one that carves a new path. The data shows this: over 85% of youth who complete the MST program remain in school or working and 87% of parents feel significantly more confident in their parenting skills after completion of MST.

How is MST funded?

MST is funded by Medical Assistance. If your family is appropriate for MST, we will work with you to submit the application and get the coverage needed to begin services.

How can I start MST services?

To refer to MST, please contact us at: 484-454-8750. Or contact to learn more.

Locations with Multi-Systemic Therapy

Headquarters at Havertown

2000 Old West Chester Pike
Havertown, PA 19083

(484) 454-8700