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Intensive Behavioral Health Services (Formerly BHRS) Information

Parenting can be one of the most difficult tasks we ever face. When you are raising a child with developmental or behavioral challenges, your job is even harder. You may experience more family disruption, less fulfillment, and feeling like you don’t have the emotional strength to remain optimistic when positive change seems so hard to see. We understand these challenges, and we are here to support you.

If your child is: - Acting out - Struggling to demonstrate appropriate, healthy behaviors - Having difficulty with transitions - Experiencing difficulty with daily tasks at home, in the community, or in school, or - Is diagnosed with Autism and is in need of additional supports such as Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) services

Intensive Behavioral Health Services may be the program for you.

What are Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS)?

IBHS is a community-based service that occurs across the home, school, and/or community settings. We work with you and your family in addressing behavioral health needs by using strength-based goals. Using proven functional behavioral assessments, we teach your child and all caregivers skills to meet their needs in a positive and age-appropriate manner.

IBHS is a “wraparound” service, which means your child is supported by clinicians in the home, school, and community because we know progress accelerates when the child’s environment is consistently engaged.

Who is IBHS for?

Children and adolescents from three to 21 years old who have been diagnosed with mild to severe emotional/behavioral disorders and/or developmental delays.

Your team may include:

  • Behavioral Consultant – A master’s level mental health team leader who creates, implements, and tracks the progress of your child’s treatment plan.
  • Mobile Therapist – A master’s level mental health clinician who meets with your child and/or your family in your home to strengthen self-esteem and teach appropriate social skills.
  • Behavioral Health Technician- A bachelor’s level clinician who transfers skills to the caregiver and demonstrates/models behaviors for the child.

IBHS helps your child become more independent and self-sufficient. We work closely with the entire family and caretakers because we know you are the absolute best resource for your child’s success and goal achievement.

How is IBHS funded?

The PA Medical Assistance System covers Child Guidance’s Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services. In the state of Pennsylvania, any child who needs IBHS for a mental health diagnosis or disability cannot be denied Medical Assistance, regardless of family income.

How can we get started?

Getting started is simple. Call today, and Child Guidance can begin assessing your child’s needs and providing services immediately.

Contact us

Philadelphia County: 267-713-4132 Or email us at

Locations with Intensive Behavioral Health Services (Formerly BHRS)


2901 Island Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19153

(267) 713-4100