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Functional Family Therapy Information

What is Functional Family Therapy (FFT)?

FFT is an evidence-based short-term intervention program for youth 11-18 years old. This intensive program averages 12 to 14 sessions over three to five months. Therapists provide services that are conducted in the home, school, and community in order to provide the most effective and beneficial support for long-term change.

FFT is a strength-based model built on a foundation of acceptance and respect. We work with the whole family to build protective factors and build family connection in order to support the child and family. FFT consists of five major components: engagement, motivation, relational assessment, behavior change and generalization. Each of these components has its own goals, focus and intervention strategies and techniques.

How does it work?

Your FFT therapist will meet with you as often as you need. Sessions occur at least once per week, but the therapist can meet with a family multiple times per week when needed.

Families participate in family therapy focused on building skills that will improve relationships, increase protective factors, and reduce risk factors. Skills commonly taught include communication, problem solving, conflict resolution and effective parenting skills. In order to facilitate lasting change, skill-sets will be selected and tailored to match the unique characteristics of each family. We know your family is unique, and we treat you as such!

After your goals have been met, the FFT therapist will help family members feel confident in their new skills as well as identify other supports that will help to maintain progress.

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